Choose your path to healing.

I’m Dr. Sonia Chopra.

I’m a board-certified practicing endodontist, thought leader, and healer.

Born without eight teeth, I have been the ultimate dental patient. I’ve had every dental procedure you can imagine.

But when I experienced persistent pain and infection with no discernible cause, only a root canal could resolve the issue. That root canal shaped the trajectory of my life.

Today, I’m an educator for dentists and patients.

My motto in life is Give Teeth A Chance.

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  • Lisa Ann
    “Hey all! If you're looking for a refresher endo course or just getting started, I would highly recommend Sonia Chopra's course. I just got done with the 8 week course with the coaching calls and I can't say enough good things about it. She is so knowledgeable but makes everything so relatable. I've been practicing for over 20 years and I still got a lot out of the course. Thank you Dr. Chopra, your hard work is appreciated by many!!”
    Lisa Ann
  • Maham Akhter
    “This is hands down one of the best CE courses that I have attended so far!! And I cannot thank you and your team enough Dr. Chopra, for an exceptional hand on educational experience. I have gained so much confidence in doing endo cases, all thanks to your guidance and amazing teaching skills.”
    Maham Akhter
  • Anonymous
    “Dr. Chopra’s endo course was so awesome! I gained a much better understanding than before taking it. I have more confidence about my endo files, and every steps of the endo process. She also talked a lot about the different instruments. I’m so glad I took this course. The online coaching calls are so valuable too!”

Our bodies are capable of incredible
healing when we give teeth a chance.

Endodontics is pure magic.

This dental specialty taps into the body's immune system and its natural healing power. Root canals create the right environment for your body's amazing regenerative power to really shine. I like to call this "bioflow"—setting your body up for success and allowing it to heal itself.

There is an alternative to root canals: extraction. But that means that the tooth is gone forever. Because our teeth are so important for our digestion, airway, speech, smiles, and confidence, I believe it is vitally important to give teeth a chance.

What you believe becomes your reality. When you believe in the regenerative power of a good root canal, you give it the opportunity to save teeth and regrow your natural bone.

Through endodontics, we can save the pearly whites your mama gave you!

Before & After: how endodontics heals teeth.


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