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You’ve done it! You’ve committed to your ongoing education and success by enrolling in E-School Independent. You’re investing in yourself and your practice and I can’t wait to hear what you think of the curriculum.

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What’s Next:

  • Check your inbox for an email from me with the subject line “You’re in! Welcome to E-School”
  • If you don’t see the email after 2 hours, check your SPAM folder.
  • If you still don’t see it, email support@soniachopradds.com. My team will help you out!
  • Map out a schedule for your learning experience! Remember, you get lifetime access to the course, but it’s best to consistently work through the modules to keep your momentum.

Keep the Endo Vibe Alive …

I see your commitment to understanding endo and creating a better dental practice! But your endo journey doesn’t have to end with E-School Independent.

If you REALLY want to tackle the toughest endo cases, ask questions, and solidify everything you learn in E-School, you need the support and guidance of an expert (plus a community of other learners). It’s tough to do this stuff on your own. Luckily, you don’t have to.

Your continuing education and ability to serve your patients well matters, that’s why I offer E-School with Coaching—a next-level CE endo mentorship experience that amplifies everything you learn in E-School Independent with live coaching calls and the support of a community of general dentists working together to strengthen their endodontic know-how.

You know that old saying, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”? Well, E-School is a little like that. There is so, so, SO much you’re going to learn in E-School Independent, but if you want to take it a lot further, there’s no better way than to upgrade your enrollment to E-School with Coaching.

It’s the same comprehensive curriculum, but with personalized support from me! (Not to mention some fun bonuses.)

What’s waiting for you in E-School with Coaching?

Real-time guidance. A community of learners. Better endo.

E-School with Coaching is the fastest way to take what you learn in E-School and make it work for your practice—even in the trickiest cases.

Through 8 weeks of live coaching and access to a private Facebook group, you’ll ask questions, share your cases, get expert guidance, clarify the curriculum, and learn alongside a group of like-minded peers. Trust me, stuff will come up that you haven’t even thought of yet!

You’ll fill knowledge gaps, learn from the experiences of your fellow general dentists, and reach your highest potential.

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Ask Questions. Get Clarity. Receive Feedback.
And Transform your Practice.

Becoming an endo rockstar requires learning the material, sure. But it also requires that you build your confidence by asking questions, receiving feedback, and getting advice to put to use next time.

It requires support and community, because our work as dentists isn’t done in a vacuum. It’s all about people.

There’s never been a better time to expand your horizons, make new friends in the field, and get insights that will serve you for the rest of your career.

Inside E-School with Coaching, you will receive, in addition to the award-winning E-School Independent curriculum you already have access to, including:

  • Extensive masterclasses and trainings provided within all six modules (Value: $4,997)
  • 40 downloads and resources to help make your dental practice more effective, efficient, and profitable (Value: $997)
  • 10 CE credits (Value $997)
  • 2 additional bonus modules for new procedures you can offer (Value: $997)

When You Invest in E-School LIVE, You’ll Receive…

*The #EndoRocks Box can be shipped anywhere in the world, but shipping to addresses outside the USA and Canada is $50 USD and is the responsibility of the recipient, as are any taxes or duties levied by the receiving country. Recipients may opt out of receiving an #EndoRocks Box.

The total value of E-School LIVE is $21,476!

But your investment is only $1,200.

Since you’ve already enrolled in E-School Independent, your total cost for alllll the extra value that comes with E-School with Coaching is only $1,200!

You can quickly make back your investment in any number of ways. Your improved patient outcomes will lead to fewer refunds. You’ll reduce chair time and allow you to see more patients. And your happier patients will lead to longer-term retention and more patient referrals.

Because you’ll have the support and accountability of the group (and me!), you’ll finish the curriculum and get so much more out of your E-School experience.

You already know how much endodontics matters to everyday dentistry, because you’re enrolled in E-School Independent. Being an incredible general dentist with loyal, happy patients requires making the right calls when it comes to diagnoses, referrals, and treatments. Take the next step in your endodontic journey.

E-School with Coaching Testimonials from General Dentists like You

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Join us in E-School with Coaching

8 weeks of live coaching calls + a supportive community