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Make money teaching E-School — an online endodontic continuing education course by Sonia Chopra, DDS — to general dentists around the world.

E-School supports the endodontic training of general dentists across the world…
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Dentists everywhere face a lack of endodontic resources.

With so many topics to cover, dental school curriculum often doesn’t leave much opportunity to explore endodontics. Many schools don’t even have an endodontist on faculty. SO many countries don’t have postgraduate endo programs, either!

Unfortunately, this is costing dentists and their patients. Even after working hard to establish themselves, build their practices, and achieve top-notch patient outcomes, they’re still losing patients every day.

By enhancing their endodontics training, general dentists could become more efficient and achieve better outcomes.

They need a comprehensive training that fits their busy schedules… and that allows them to return to the resources any time to brush up on their knowledge.

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The answer isn’t for endodontists to perform all root canals.

There simply aren’t enough of us!

If we suddenly had to perform ALL root canal procedures, there would be a world-wide public health crisis.

The answer is to enhance general dentists’ endodontics training and knowledge.

That way they know which cases they can handle in-house and which ones to refer to a specialist.

Plus, they’ll enhance their diagnosis skills, so their treatment plans actually address patient concerns.

The answer is E-School: online endodontic continuing education for general dentists.

E-School is a proven, successful platform that already has made a huge impact on general dentists.
And now it’s going international.

E-School International

Because E-School materials are in English, their reach is limited. After all, only 20% of people speak English, but 100% of people deserve excellent dental care.

That’s why I’m seeking endodontic partners who speak other languages to expand the impact of E-School.

By translating the training videos and handouts into another language, you’ll help bring endo CE to general dentists who would not otherwise have access.

Plus, you’ll gain an additional revenue stream, as you’ll receive a portion of enrollment fees for students who speak your second language.

What does E-School International partnership look like?

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What General Dentists Are Saying

  • -Dr. Thu Nguyen, General Dentist

    “E-School is a complete, thorough, structured course about endo. It covers everything you need to know in order to practice endo everyday in your practice the right way. This course is practically a mini-residency online!”

    -Dr. Thu Nguyen, General Dentist
  • -Dr. Sunil Kashyap

    “E-School gives you a comprehensive list of endo videos, no matter what your expertise level. There’s a thorough review of the fundamental concepts, how to discuss a case with your specialist, and a lot of cool tips and tricks on how to be the best you can for your particular patient. It has definitely been helpful in my practice.”

    -Dr. Sunil Kashyap
  • -Dr. Brenda Garrison

    “E-School has really gotten me interested in endontic treatment in a way that dental school and previous CE have not.”

    -Dr. Brenda Garrison
  • -Dr. Daniel Siriphongs, General Dentist

    “E-School has been a tremendous help in reaching a higher level of endontic care, as it puts a heavy emphasis on proper diagnosis and case management. Each lesson gave me actionable tips I applied in the operatory the very next day.”

    -Dr. Daniel Siriphongs, General Dentist
  • -Dr. Shannon McCarthy
    “I am a general dentist who wants to be confident in my diagnosis and treatment considerations when it comes to infected teeth. I found the course extremely easy to watch at my own pace and took away a lot of information that I put to use immediately in my practice.”
    -Dr. Shannon McCarthy

E-School is created by Sonia Chopra, DDS

I’m a board-certified practicing endodontist on a mission to save teeth.

Born without eight teeth and no stranger to cavities, implants, and bridges, I was always meant to become a dentist. But it wasn’t until an endodontist finally relieved me of a months-long infection through a root canal that I understood the importance of saving teeth.

With more than a decade of experience, I’m honored to be my patients’ diagnostician, technician, and counselor.

I graduated from the University of Maryland Dental School and completed my endo residency at Nova Southeastern University. I practice in Charlotte, North Carolina.

E-School is my greatest work yet. It helps general dentists improve their confidence with endodontics, so they can keep their patients healthy and healthy.

Targeted curriculum designed to enhance general dentists’ endodontic knowledge.

E-School features 6 comprehensive modules (+2 bonus modules) students can access from any device at any time. Each module contains detailed videos, tutorials, action sheets, and templates to make implementation easy. Trainings answer top questions, debunk misconceptions, and provide tips and tricks that make a big difference.

Module 1: Diagnosis
Module 2: Pain Management & Antibiotics
Module 3: Access, Instrumentations, Irrigation and Obturation
Module 4: Cracked Teeth and Vertical Root Fractures
Module 5: Trauma and Resorption
Module 6: CBCT (Cone Beam Computated Tomography)
Bonus Module 1: Internal Bleaching
Bonus Module 2: MTA Vital Pulp Therapy

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