E-School LIVE:

4 Days of Hands-On Endo Course for General Dentists

Hosted by Sonia Chopra, DDS, Board-Certified Endodontist
in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Real Patients. Real Cases. Real Endo.

4 Days of In-Person Coaching, Practice, and Learning
Hosted by Sonia Chopra, DDS, Board-Certified Endodontist

Enroll in E-School LIVE to step up your endo game.

E-School LIVE is the fastest way to improve your endo skills since E-School online. Through this intimate, small-group learning opportunity, you’ll enhance your training and patient care in a meaningful way. You’ll fill remaining knowledge gaps. And you’ll rise to your true potential as a clinician.

You can expect to perform up to 4 root canals (depending on your speed and comfort level) over the course of the 4-day event.

You will not be watching me over my shoulder. YOU will be performing root canal therapy for real-life patients.

This is truly a first-of-a-kind, totally hands-on endo course in the U.S.A.

While most of the teeth will be molars, and most will be initial therapy treatments, there may also be some retreatment cases.


E-School LIVE is a give-back program.

The root canals you perform will be for patients who are paying a significantly reduced price. When you do the RCT and the buildup, you’ll be sealing up the tooth and making sure the patient is able to leave the building with a functional tooth… at a price they may not have been able to afford otherwise. Your participation in this program helps a great cause! For each session, E-School LIVE donates approximately $50,000 in free dental care to the Greater Charlotte, North Carolina community.
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The fastest way to perfect your endo skills.

E-School LIVE is available to E-School with Coaching students. You must have been an active participant in E-School with Coaching (including attending coaching calls, with your camera on), and have completed at least Modules 1, 2, and 3 to be eligible for E-School LIVE. E-School with Coaching is an online program that is a prerequisite for E-School LIVE. Its benefits include gaining the tools to…

$ Yield Greater Profits

within your practice by reducing chair time, offering more services, and becoming more efficient.

✓ Feel More Confident

as you diagnose patients, perform root canals, use a CBCT, and so much more.

✓ Build Your Practice

with happy, loyal patients who trust you and remain loyal for years to come.

★ Receive 5-Star Reviews

from grateful patients you’ve saved from pain.

With E-School LIVE, you can take your endo skills to the next level.

No matter what kind of dentist you are, you know endodontics is the key to enhancing patient outcomes, increasing your revenue, and becoming a more confident dentist.

General Dentist With Your Own Practice

The Associate Who’s On the Rise

The Dentist Who Loves Learning

The Recent Dental School Graduate

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Join Sonia Chopra, DDS in clinic for 4 days of hands-on training.

Real patients. Real cases. Real endo.

E-School LIVE is only for dentists who have enrolled and participated in E-School with Coaching. That means, if you started with E-School Independent, you must have upgraded to Coaching, completed Modules 1, 2, and 3 (at least!), and have been an active participant in coaching calls, with your camera on.

This is because we’ll be covering topics in-depth. To maximize the learning you get from this 4-day in-person experience, we all need to be starting with the same baseline. And I can only guarantee that if every participating dentist has gone through E-School with Coaching.

You’ll have the opportunity to get your questions answered in real-time in the operatory with real patients and real cases.

Your dental assistant will learn how to work more efficiently with you than ever. In fact, bringing an assistant is mandatory! (No, you can’t bring your mom… unless your mom is a dental assistant.) Ideally, you’ll bring a dental assistant you work with, so you two can return home with advanced knowledge and become a complete dream-team for your practice!

Plus, you’ll get to know other dedicated dental colleagues. It’s just like the lifelong professional relationships you made in dental school, but with less time required!

Participant Testimonials:

E-School LIVE Schedule:

Day 1 (Friday)
Day 2 (Saturday)
Day 3 (Sunday)
Day 4 (Monday)

Hear about the experience from a participant.

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With your E-School LIVE investment, you’ll receive

The total value of E-School LIVE is $42,482.

But your investment is only $8,997.

You can quickly make back your investment in any number of ways. Your improved patient outcomes will require you to offer fewer refunds. You’ll reduce chair time and allow you to see more patients. And your happier patients will lead to longer-term retention and more patient referrals.

As an E-School student, you already know how much endodontics matters to everyday dentistry. Being an incredible general dentist with loyal, happy patients requires making the right calls when it comes to diagnoses, referrals, and treatments. Take the next step in your endodontic journey.


4 Days of In-Person Learning

(Only for Past or Present E-School with Coaching Students)

$ 8,997

  • 1 day of in-person endo training with Dr. Chopra, where you’ll meet her team, watch her perform a root canal on a patient, then we’ll practice concepts on extracted teeth.
  • 2 days of in-person patient cases, where you’ll perform 4 root canals and the buildup when possible.
  • 1 day of in-person endo observation with Dr. Chopra, where you’ll watch all the concepts you’ve learned in action.
  • 4 total days of small-group mentorship and coaching from Dr. Chopra.
  • 30 CE credits.
  • Limited to 5 participants to ensure the setting is small and intimate, and you receive the individual support you need.
  • Friday Happy Hour to get to know your fellow clinicians better.
  • Complimentary snacks, breakfast, lunch, and PPE.
  • All equipment, tools, and patients are provided.
  • Bring your dental assistant to learn from Dr. Chopra’s assistants. There is no additional cost to bring your assistant, but bringing your assistant is mandatory. If you cannot bring an assistant, you must tell Dr. Chopra right away, and you will need to pay a $1,500 organization fee, which covers the cost of recruitment and the assistant’s time.
  • You must bring loupes (5.0 magnification or higher) to attend.
  • You must have malpractice insurance to attend, and be able to send proof to Dr. Chopra. PLEASE make sure you have arranged for malpractice insurance coverage BEFORE you register, as we will not provide a refund if you cannot arrange it after the fact. This is particularly important for international attendees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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