Free Resource for Dentists: Endodontic Instrumentation Workflow

Fall in love with your final radiograph by establishing an instrumentation system that creates better results.

Creating systems that you can put to use every time you perform a root canal allows for greater consistency, ease, efficiency, and results.

That doesn’t mean creating that system is easy, though!

Let me jumpstart your progress by sharing my own Endodontic Instrumentation Workflow for you to build on

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As dentists, our job isn’t easy.
But we can make it easier through smart, repeatable systems.

Doing endo requires a lot of skill, focus, and the ability to feel each canal and use what we learn to guide our instrumentation and process.

There’s no recipe for a root canal. It’s never a one-size-fits-all process.

But there is a baseline protocol and instrumentation workflow that you can put into action every single time you perform a root canal to guide you toward the best possible results—and make more time and space to listen to what the canals are telling you during the process.

That’s exactly what I’ve put together for you!

Empower yourself to consistently do better endo.

While you may not be able to perform every root canal exactly the same way with the exact same tools, there is a core set of processes and instruments you can use each time, eliminating guesswork and guiding the process.

So don’t waste time and energy mulling over how to get started or what to do next. Just get my instrumentation workflow!

Establishing a system of approach for instrumentation is key to developing your endo confidence, easing stress and anxiety, and getting to the final obturation with a sense of pride in your work.

My instrumentation workflow facilitates more effective endodontics—and creates happier clinicians and patients.

Get your free Instrumentation Workflow download when you enter your name & email below

I’m Sonia Chopra, DDS, and I’m on a mission to help you save teeth.

All good dental practitioners know that every tooth has a story. But it’s only the great ones who recognize that it’s people’s stories that really matter. Because understanding where your peers and patients are in their journeys is the key to building strong relationships and a stronger practice, and it’s all rooted in self-empowerment.

Dr. Sonia Chopra knows a thing or two about this. You don’t become the first female endodontist in Charlotte, NC, board-certified, a TEDx speaker, and Forbes contributor without a serious growth mindset and a strong dose of hustle. Her entire career has been characterized by pushing herself and empowering others to grow—as entrepreneurs, leaders, and patient advocates—all in the service of creating a more educated, balanced field.

Because Sonia refuses to mind the dentistry status quo. When no one would hire her out of residency, she started her own practice. When she felt she was losing time with her family due to how many hours she was spending in the office, she became more intentional with her schedule. And when she realized she could save more teeth and improve people’s lives by providing dentists and endodontists with the proper education, she took it upon herself to lead the charge.

Now, on top of running her thriving practice, Sonia provides groundbreaking digital education and community support to general dentists and endodontists who want to uplevel their technical skills, patient experience, and overall business models. Through her thoughtfully designed online course, E-School, she is revolutionizing the reputation of endodontics through the simple, tangible lessons rooted in her own diverse experience. By empowering dentists to perform better root canals, empowering endodontists to run better practices, and empowering patients to make better health decisions, Sonia is an impact entrepreneur who is paving a new way forward for the next generation of healthy, confident, empowered people—both in and out of the chair.

Success stories from the dental community

  • dr-ashley-joves
    "If you struggle with endo, then E-School is a no-brainer! You can tell this is a labor of love for Dr. Sonia Chopra. The videos are extremely well organized and comprehensive, and the production quality is top-notch. I learned more in her modules than I did in dental school! E-School is the perfect blend of evidence-based research and real-life case studies. Highly, highly recommend for anyone looking to incorporate more endo into their practice!"
    Dr. Ashley Joves
    General Dentist
  • Dr.-Maggie-Augustyn

    "What an incredible opportunity. It has really challenged me and made me understand endo therapy on a different level. The commitment and accountability from my peers was the cherry on top."

    Dr. Maggie Augustyn
    General Dentist
  • linty

    "This is by far the best endodontics CE on the planet. My patients really love that I can offer RCTs at my practice. All with gratitude and great appreciation to Dr. Sonia Chopra for her incredible online course and resources."

    Dr. Linty John-Varghese
    General Dentist

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