Dentists Deserve
a Beautiful Life.

Design your vision.
Create abundance.
Feel fulfilled.

Envision feeling calm, joyful, and fulfilled through your work as a dental provider.

My friend, you didn’t go to dental school to be stressed out all the time.

When you decided to create your own practice, you never imagined all the doubts and frustrations you would feel.

It’s hard to hire and manage a team, create policies, make insurance decisions, and so much more while treating patients. After all, they don’t teach business management in dental school.

You know you're capable of building a beautiful career. You’ve already made some changes that have helped. You aren’t afraid to look honestly at yourself and make big shifts.

And along the way, you’re seeking guidance to help you be more intentional and efficient in this journey towards peace, prosperity, and purpose.

You are meant for a life of pure magic.

I’m here to help you tap into it. I now make more working five days a month in my practice than I did working five days a week, giving me more space in my schedule and energy for my family, hobbies, and myself.

My leadership resources empower you to experience soul-awakening personal growth, uplevel your practice, and live a beautiful life of abundance and fulfillment.

Invite Transformation into Your Practice

Heal Your Practice is my vision-to-actualization course for dental providers and practice owners. You’ll discover how to build a practice you love so you go to work excited and return home fulfilled.

You'll discover how to build leadership skills, create an efficient schedule, optimize your profitability, and maintain excellent customer service for your patients.


You deserve to feel empowered in more than just your dental health.

Design a life that's beautiful and fulfilling in every way by enrolling in Lifebook. Created by Jon and Missy Butcher, Lifebook is a self-directed program that creates structure around the visioning process. As a Certified Lifebook Leader, I invite you to define every aspect of the life you desire and unlock your own limitless potential. Take the next step in your journey of self-discovery today.

The health of your practice is in your hands.

Teeth that need endodontic treatment don’t heal on their own. In the same way, your practice will need intentional change to reach its true potential.

Discover the next best steps you can take to create a practice that you and your team love.