Emergency Guide: What to Do When You Knock Out a Tooth

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Dental Trauma Can Happen to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Whether through horseplay, sporting events, car crashes, or even freak accidents, people (and especially children) knock out their teeth all the time because of situations both in and outside of their control. The good news is, even if you knock out a tooth, there's a good chance you can save it! 


That is… as long as you know what to do. Unfortunately, though, most people have never learned what steps to take after a tooth trauma occurs—let alone have such information readily accessible in the front of their minds.


That's where having an emergency tooth guide can come in handy. My tooth trauma infographic walks you through the seven steps you should take when you or someone you love has knocked out a tooth.


With a quick-and-easy, step-by-step guide that you can save on your phone or even print out and keep in your car glove compartment, the next time the unexpected happens, you'll have everything you need to keep calm, avoid complications, and ultimately save your tooth!

Empower Yourself When It Comes to Oral Health

I’m Dr. Sonia Chopra, practicing board-certified endodontist, and I’m on a mission to empower you to make informed decisions about your health through endodontic education.


Born without eight teeth and no stranger to cavities, implants, and bridges, I was always meant to become a dentist. But it wasn’t until a kind and patient endodontist relieved me of a painful, months-long infection by performing a root canal that I understood the importance of saving teeth.


After seeing my own tooth story repeated in so many of my patients and witnessing the struggles they face to find the provider and treatment that are right for them, I decided it was time to step up and empower patients around the world to make dental health decisions with confidence through fun and accessible endodontic education—just like this tooth trauma infographic!


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What to Do When You Knock Out a Tooth