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You already have what you need to be successful in your practice. But over the years, I’ve learned tips and tweaks that can take your patient outcomes to the next level. And best yet, these small changes are usually FREE to you.

Whether you’re already doing endo in your practice, or you’re a general dentist who wants more education, when you understand proper diagnosis, you can perfect your skills, improve your practice, and enhance your patient care.

Everyboddy glosses over the finer details of diagnosis, to the detriment of patient care. What I share with you in this video will help you increase your endo knowledge. And I promise your patients will thank you for it.

I hear the same issues from the dental community over and over again.

  • Dentists make referrals to the WRONG specialist because of misdiagnosis. This leads to unecessary bills for patients AND the risk they may not return in the future.
  • Dentists aren’t aware of what their patients SHOULD be feeling based on the diagnosis at hand. Your patients can lose confidence in you and look for a new dentist. Trust me, I see it every day!
  • Patients experience miscommunication between dentist and specialist, which leaves them worried they don’t have a true advocate.
  • In short, when patients don’t feel their pain is properly diagnosed or addressed, they may start to seek out a new practice. And YOU may have no idea what went wrong.

So… let’s get back to basics, shall we?

It all starts with THE #1 STRATEGY THAT I’M TEACHING YOU IN THE BONUS TRAINING ABOVE. Once you understand this, you’ll also know the correct treatment to get your patients out of pain and, most importantly, you know how to set your patient’s expectations and minimize post-op phone calls.

Want more endo trainings?

There’s a lack of endo resources out there for dentists, and that’s why I’ve created E-School, a mini-residency in endodontics designed for general dentists. This fully-online course is everything you need to boost your confidence in your endo skills. Plus, you’ll get 8 CE credits!

Through E-School, you’ll learn how to enhance patient outcomes, build your endo knowledge, and increase your revenue.

Here’s what E-School students say….

E-School has been a tremendous help in reaching a higher level of endodontic care. Dr. Chopra puts a heavy emphasis on proper diagnosis and case management. Learning how she handles cases and what she hears from referred patients was a huge eye opener. Each module’s lesson gave me actionable tips that I applied in the operatory the very next day. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to sharpen their endo skills.” 

– Dr. Daniel Siriphongs, General Dentist

“E-School is a complete, thorough, structured course about endo. It covers everything you need to know in order to practice endo everyday in your practice the right way. What I found the most useful were the cheat sheets that I keep on my office desk as quick reference. This course has so much value and plenty of tips that you can apply to your practice. I highly recommend E-School!”

– Dr. Thu Nguyen, General Dentist

With a deeper understanding of how to treat infected teeth, you’ll gain happier patients, shorter chair time, a more profitable practice, and greater confidence in your own skills.

E-School is designed to equip you with all of these. So what are you waiting for? Enroll, and save more teeth!