What’s Your Endodontic Know-How?

10 Questions to Test Your Endodontic Knowledge.

Think endodontics is just root canals? Think again! As a general dentist, I promise you’re practicing endo every day.

Take this 10-question quiz to find out what YOUR endo areas for improvement are.
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Dental school programs can’t dedicate a lot of time to endo.

Most dentists graduate having only performed a handful of root canals, and a lot of programs don’t have an endodontist on faculty.

And I get it. There’s TONS to cover in a dental school’s curriculum.
But it’s hurting dentists and our patients.
Because endodontics is part of everyday dentistry.

Don’t believe me?

  • Every time you diagnose pain, you’re doing endo.
  • Every time you treatment plan, you’re doing endo.
  • Every time you perform a cold or percussion test, you’re doing endo.
  • Every time you examine a tooth’s internal anatomy, you’re doing endo.
  • Every time you do a root canal, you’re doing endo.
  • Every time you save teeth from extraction, you’re doing endo

So, yeah. Endodontics is part of your job!
Just imagine if you had more endodontic confidence. You’d reduce your chair time, increase your profits, diagnose and treat effectively, refer strategically, and build up patient loyalty.

Hi, I’m Dr. Sonia Chopra, and I'm a Tooth Saver..

I entered this world without 8 teeth, and I like to think I was literally born to be a dentist. I’ve always been passionate about saving teeth. So after building and growing my own endodontic practice, I started teaching general dentists about endo.

As a Board-Certified Endodontist who runs her own practice, I’ve taught hundreds of dentists since I got started. I’m proud to equip them with the resources, info, and confidence they need to boost their endo know-how… and their careers.

The more you understand endodontics, the more profitable and successful you’ll be.

When you take my quiz, you’ll pinpoint how much it could help you to focus on endodontic continuing education, even as a general dentist