I’m on a mission
to Give Teeth
a Chance.

Root canals are powerful,
safe, and regenerative.

You deserve Confidence.

Confidence in yourself as a practitioner, or as a patient.
Confidence in your ability to make the right treatment decisions.
Confidence in the power of endodontics to save natural teeth.
Confidence in the human body’s ability to heal itself, after proper dental care.

I want to to support you in this journey.

I’m Dr. Sonia Chopra, Speaker. Mentor. Author. Endodontist.

In order to save teeth, we have to believe they are worth saving, and that we are capable of doing it.

I am dedicated to demonstrating that this is possible, and showing you how. I ask you to approach endodontics with an open heart and open mind.

I am a TEDx speaker, Forbes contributor, author, and endodontic instructor.

As the founder of Ballantyne Endodontics, I was the first female board-certified endodontist in Charlotte, NC. I have been a practicing endodontist since 2008.

After earning my DDS at the University of Maryland, I completed two residencies in Brooklyn, NY and Fort Lauderdale, FL. On top of running my thriving practice, I provide education and community support to dentists, endodontists, and patients.

My courses have won awards, been translated and taught in multiple countries, and consistently receive 5-star reviews.

I aim to revolutionize endodontic education, for dentists and patients.

When I’m not spending time with dentists or patients, I love to travel and spend time with my husband—who is also a dentist— and our three beautiful children.

Dr. Sonia Chopra is a powerhouse speaker and sought-after instructor. Invite Dr. Chopra onto your stage, podcast, or virtual training.

My Tooth Story changed my life.

A persistent toothache became a dental crisis. And my turning point.

I’m the ultimate dental patient. Born without eight teeth, I’ve experienced nearly every dental procedure that exists. But it wasn’t until I started experiencing significant tooth pain as a young adult that my path shifted forever.

I saw many dentists and doctors, but no one could determine where my pain was coming from. Unfortunately, an oral surgeon was even asked to extract a tooth that ended up being healthy, doing nothing to solve the problem.

My dentist started to wonder if my pain was “all in my head.” But when my toothache turned into an infection that caused severe swelling, the realness of my situation couldn’t be denied.

Finally, I was referred to a caring endodontist, who explained that I had cracked my tooth, allowing bacteria to enter and causing my tooth to die and abscess.

He let me know that he could save my tooth through a root canal and relieve me of pain. Not only did the procedure work, it shaped my views on the value of our natural teeth, the way practitioners should interact with their patients, and the importance of patient empowerment.

Your mouth is the gateway to your body.

Mother Nature gave us our teeth for a reason.

They allow us to communicate and smile, they enable us to breathe with ease, they begin the digestive process of nourishing our bodies, and there is nothing that can quite replace the confidence that a beautiful and healthy smile can give you.

This is why I always advocate for saving our natural teeth whenever possible.

I am a healer who chooses self-empowerment, education, and love. I know that our bodies are capable of truly amazing things when we believe in them.

My educational offerings support patients in becoming more informed, dentists in becoming better practitioners, and practices in becoming more efficient and profitable. Many of my programs incorporate give-back elements, like free education and dental care.

Before & After: how endodontics heals teeth.


Join me in Advocating for teeth.

Every tooth has a story. Let’s learn how to read them together.

As a patient, you can share your tooth story with your dentist to help them understand your oral health.

As a dentist, you can learn to understand endodontics so you can diagnose and treat pain with confidence.


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