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When you save teeth, you change lives.

Endodontics enables us to save the natural teeth we rely on to smile, chew, bite, digest, and breathe. While implants and bridges are important advancements in dentistry, they just aren’t the same as the teeth we were born with.

When any dentist becomes a confident provider of endodontics, we can improve our diagnosis, reduce our chair time, treat more teeth in-house, establish strong relationships with specialists, achieve better outcomes, create higher levels of patient trust, and save more teeth.

Despite the crucial nature of endodontics to every dental practice, however, there’s so much to learn in our dental education that we often are unable to deep-dive into the speciality during our training. As a result, many dentists are intimidated or confused by endo. They refer lots of endo cases out of their practice, and they approach root canals with nervousness.

If dentists left all the world’s root canals to endodontists, specialists would have years-long waiting lists! Endodontics is the thread that connects all dental specialties. Therefore it‘s essential for all dentists to have a deep understanding of this specialty.

My mission is to empower dentists to feel confident about endodontics, so we can save more teeth and change our patients’ lives for the better.

You can become a confident tooth saver.

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Enroll in E-School Independent, my award-winning, self-paced, comprehensive online endodontic training course for dentists. You’ll get:

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Enroll in E-School LIVE to join me at my practice for a hands-on, 4-day, live patient endo CE course, where you perform up to 4 root canals.

  • Practice performing up to 4 root canals on live patients
  • Receive in-person, real-time mentoring and guidance
  • Learn to confidently take on challenging endo cases
  • *Only open to E-School with Coaching students/alumni
  • Janelle Johson
    "It was an absolutely necessary course in my opinion. Thank you for giving up your time to educate us in a non-intimidating manner. So many eye opening and brilliant takeaways from your course. I intend to pass on your advice and course to my colleagues. Seriously... THANK YOU"
    Janelle Johson
  • Thanuja Kularatne DDS
    "This course, hands down, is one of the best courses I have ever taken. It changed my endo diagnosis, work flow, efficiency and the whole endo experience. It’s very comprehensive and very detailed. Dr. Chopra goes to great length, literally to working length, lol, to make sure you understand all the content. She doesn’t hold back and share all her tips to make your endo life easier. I am very thankful to Dr. Chopra for her time and effort sharing all her expertise. She truly is an amazing teacher and also very committed to her course. No matter where you are in your endo journey, it will make you a better clinician. I recommend this to everyone who really wants to provide quality dentistry for their patients."
    Thanuja Kularatne DDS
  • Dr James Kim
    "I've been working in the mouth hole for 20+ years and I've taken a lot of endo CE's like Buchanan, Ruddle, etc. I can confidently say I have learned more from Dr Chopra didactically and clinically than from all of them combined. Dr Sonia Chopra, thank you for all that you do. You youngsters out there are learning from the best!"
    Dr James Kim

Rethink your beliefs about endodontics.

Your endodontic skills are only as powerful as you allow them to be. You must believe that you are a Tooth Saver in order to save teeth.

My CE courses for dentists will open your eyes to the incredible, regenerative power of endodontics.

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You can have access to all the cutting-edge dental technology and knowledge in the world, but you must believe that you are a Tooth Saver in order to save teeth.

E-School calls you to witness the incredible, regenerative power of endodontics through tooth stories, modules, downloads, and your own patients’ outcomes.

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My educational resources, courses, and blogs are filled with pearls of wisdom I’ve gained in my decade plus of clinical experience as a practicing endodontist.


My philosophy about endodontics is not the norm.

I perform root canals on teeth other dentists condemn. And as a result, I save teeth every single day.
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